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Asiabest Group International Inc. (Asia Best or the Company) is a corporation registered under the laws of the Philippines primarily organized as an investment holdings corporation. It has three (3) subsidiaries namely Alta Minera, Inc., Breccia Resources, Inc. and Millionaire’s Offices and Properties, Inc.

On 14 October 2011, the Company entered into a Management Agreement with Option to Buy with Geogen Corporation (GEOGEN). GEOGEN is a mining company and is a registered holder of a valid and existing mining claim in Dinapigue, Isabela (the “Mining Area”). GEOGEN retained the services of ABG for the management of the exploration, development and mining operations of the mining area. ABG thus undertakes to provide Management Services to GEOGEN including management control and property administration over the daily and medium term operations of the Mining Area for a period of five (5) years. On 4 August 2015, the Company executed a Release and Quitclaim Agreement for the cancellation of the Management Agreement with Option to Buy with Geogen Corporation and Nihao Mineral Resources International, Inc. Per agreement, Nihao shall pay the Company a termination fee representing the average of the last three (3) years of operation of the Isabela property.

Considering the upward trend in real estate and BPO relevant real estate, the Company tapped into possible investments into the real estate sector as its maiden project. An opportunity presented itself for Asiabest to engage again in business and revive its status as a publicly listed company with an offer for investments from investors who shall provide the seed capital for the Company’s projects. The Company, through Millionaire’s Offices and Properties, Inc., will acquire several office condominium units of Sunplaza Centre, a commercial/office condominium building located along Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.

Our Company

Business Profile

Asiabest was registered as an investment holdings corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 23, 1970 and was listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (then Makati Stock Exchange) on July 10, 1979. After about a decade of dormancy, ABG was revived for operations in 2011 with the entry of new management.

The purposes for which Asia Best was formed are:

“To invest in, purchase, or otherwise acquire and own, hold, manage, use, sell, operate, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge, encumber, exchange or otherwise dispose of, or deal in real and personal property of every kind and description, including shares of stock, bonds, debentures, notes, evidences of indebtedness, and other securities, contracts or obligations of any person, corporation or corporations, association or associations, domestic or foreign, for whatever lawful purpose or purposes the same may have been organized to pay therefore, in money or by exchanging therefore stocks, bonds or other evidences of indebtedness or securities of this or any other corporation, and while the owner or holder of any such real or personal property, stocks, bonds, debentures, contracts or obligations, to receive, collect and dispose of the interest, dividends, and income arising from such property and to possess and exercise in respect thereof all the rights, power, and privileges of ownership, including all voting powers as any stock so owned.” (Amended Articles of Incorporation)

Mission, Vision and Values

Asiabest shall strive to become one of the leaders in its industry through the development and implementation of strategic plans, operating goals and objectives across its entire organization of competent directors, management and personnel. 

Board of directors, management team and executive officers

It is the Board of Directors’ (Board) responsibility to foster the long-term success of the Corporation, and to sustain its competitiveness and profitability in a manner consistent with corporate objectives and the best interests of shareholders. The Board’s role is one of stewardship. It is mandated to take care of the interests of the shareholders and protect their investments through the implementation of sound corporate policies and plans while maintaining its independent assessment on Management’s performance.

As currently provided under its By-laws, the Board is composed of nine (9) directors including two (2) independent directors.

The membership of the Board may be a combination of executive and non-executive directors (which include independent directors) in order that no director or small group of directors can dominate the decision- making process.

The non-executive directors should possess such qualifications and stature that would enable them to effectively participate in the deliberations of the Board.



Edgardo G. Alimagno

Chairman of the Board/President

David M. Dela Cruz


Richard William N. Palou


Manuel Sinforoso D. Salgado


Emmanuel B. Ganzon


Ramoncito B. Cabalu


Isabelo A. Mariano


Manuel G. Ong

Independent Director

Felixes G. Latonero

Independent Director

Rachelle Guinto-Lambuson

Corporate Secretary/CIO

Edgardo G. Almagno, has served as Director since 29 May 2017. He is an architect by profession with a degree in Architecture from the University of Sto. Tomas and passed the Board in 1973. He is engaged in various business enterprises and is the President of Alimagno Enterprises, Inc. (AEI), Aliw Alexis Farms, Inc., and ALITrade, Inc. He is likewise the Corporate Secretary of Wallmac Corporation.

David M. Dela Cruz, has served as Director since 9 May 2017. He has an MBA from De La Salle University in 2001 and AB Economics and BSC Accounting degrees from the same university in 1986. He is a Certified Public Accountant and was the 9th placer in the 1987 Board exams. He also has special degrees in mergers and acquisitions from Stanford University in 2002 and corporate law and taxation from the Ateneo Law School in 1996. He is currently the EVP and CFO of Sta. Lucia Land, Inc. and carries with him extensive business and corporate experience in various companies such as Atlas Mining (CFO in 2012), BDO (SAVP for Risk Management), Geograce Philippines (COO 2009), Amalgamated Investment Bancorporation, Amsted Securities, Deutsche HK, (Associate Director for Investment Banking 1996), UBP Capital, and SGV and Co.

Felixes G. Latonero, has served as Independent Director since 10 December 2015. Mr. Latonero is an Independent Director of Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation (2011-present). He was an Independent Director of Nihao Mineral Resources International, Inc. (2014 – 2015).  He is also the President of Nontrad Advertising and FGL Modular Cabinet System, Inc.  (2003-present).  He graduated in 1995 with a degree in Fine Arts from the EARIST.

Manuel G. Ong, has served Independent Director since 10 December 2015. Mr. Manuel Ong studied Bachelor of Science major in Chemical Engineering from the Xavier School. He is an Independent Director of Nihao Mineral Resources International, Inc. (2009-present) and Geograce   Resources Philippines, Inc (2013-present), Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation (2015 – present).  He is currently the Vice President and Technical Director of Industrial Welding Corporation.

Richard William N. Palou, has served as Director since 4 August 2008.  He is an MBA candidate and a graduate of Business Management at the Ateneo de Manila University.  He is the Director for the University Athletics at the Ateneo de Manila University (2004 to present).  He is also a Director of Vantage Investigation and Security Agency, Inc. (2007 to present), and First Philippine Wind Corporation (1997 to present) and President of Sports Vision Management Group, Inc. (2013-present).  He was a Director of DENAGA Pawnshop, Inc. (2007 to 2010).

Ramoncito B. Cabalu, has served as Director since 16 December 2014. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree major in Economics and Social Sciences at the University of the Philippines in 1977. Mr. Cabalu is a director and President of a major entertainment company Circle Asia Group with major industry players to service the entertainment requirements of gaming companies in Manila and the emerging markets (2014). He is also currently a director and Partner of Maple Tree Investments (2014) and Vice-President/Partner for Business Development of Garco Minerals and Chemical Trading.  He started his career as Account Manager handling international conventions, exhibits & events for the Philippine International Convention Center (1977- 1979). In 1980, Mr. Cabalu formed his own company Karangalan Entertainment which brought to Manila American and European artists.  He also established Syndicated Marketing Specialists, Inc. and was President and Managing Director (1984-1998),  co-founded Universal Fabric Structure Philippines, in partnership with Universal Fabric  Structure USA as Founding Director and Chief Operating Officer (2000- 2002), Peak Entertainment Resources Corporation as President (2001-2004), entered into a joint venture with Transcontinental Records USA and co-founded East West Entertainment Corporation as Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer (2002- 2004), co-founded Emma Entertainment & Management Corproration with venture capitalist partners from New York, USA and became the Chief Operating Officer of the company (2001- 2007). In 2007, Mr. Cabalu went back to Manila to establish Tri-Access Management Group (TAM Group) as Chairman& Chief Executive Officer (2007-2010). TAM Group produced and managed entertainment facilities for the gaming/casino facilities of the Philippine government.

Manuel Sinforoso D. Salgado, has served as Director since 29 May 2017. He has double major degrees of AB Psychology and BS Business Management from the De La Salle University in 1979. He is currently, the President of Standard Liner Agencies, Inc. He also served key management positions in the past in GOTO Logistics, Inc. TMS Ship Agencies, Inc., MCF Enterprise, Inc., Games and Amusement Board (Commissioner), TRAW Industries, Inc., PCI Capital Corporation, and Overseas Freighters Shipping, Inc.

Emmanuel B. Ganzon, has served as Director since 29 May 2017. He is a Dentist by profession with DMD (1988) and Orthodontics Degree (1987) from the Centro Escolar University and the University of the East respectively. He is currently practicing in Dentista Clinica aside from pursuing various small scale business ventures on the side.

Isabelo A. Mariano, has served as Director since 29 May 2017. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has an MBA from the Philippine Christian University in 1995 and a BS Accountancy Degree from the University of the East in 1963. He is a Kagawad and the treasurer of B. Tuason, Sta. Mesa, Manila. He has retired from active practice and recently served as head of the audit division of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System.

Rachelle Guinto-Lambuson, has served as Corporate Secretary, Corporate Information Officer and Compliance Officer since 31 May 2017. She is a lawyer by profession with a Juris Doctor degree from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2000 and BM Legal Management from the same university in 1996. She is currently the CEO of PJS Corporate Support, Inc. after serving as Commercial Contracts Manager for General Electric Canada operating as GE Healthcare. She was likewise a senior associate of Puyat Jacinto Santos until 2008.

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